The HAVEN Act Enacted to Assist Veterans

Today is Veterans’ Day, a day where we honor those who have served our Country. But, simply saying thank you never seems to be enough. Many Veterans struggle with limited income and mounting debts. Veterans face serious financial hardships. Let me show you ways I can help!

Recently, Congress passed the HAVEN Act and it was signed into law. The HAVEN Act stands for Honoring American Veterans in Extreme Need. The HAVEN Act made it possible for more Veterans to qualify for bankruptcy protections. Prior to the HAVEN Act, VA benefits were included in the monthly income calculation in bankruptcy, which caused many Veterans to be ineligible for filing a simple chapter 7 bankruptcy. Now, under the HAVEN Act, Veterans’ benefits are excluded from the monthly income calculation. Further, the Act helps to protect VA Benefits from the reach of creditors so those benefits can be used for the benefit of the Veteran, as intended.

With an office that has served Southern California for 20 years, I am located near several military bases, such as the Twentynine Palms Marine Base, Fort Irwin Army Base in Barstow, California, and the Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton in San Diego, to name a few. I have represented members of our armed forces, their families, and retired Veterans for many years. I understand VA benefits, LES stubs, allotments, base housing, deployments, and how these factors play a role in the everyday finances of a military family. Filing for bankruptcy protection can be a life-changing event, one that helps reduce a significant amount of stress, one that allows you to start over and rebuild a good credit rating, and one that helps protect your assets, home, cars, retirement savings, and more. We offer a FREE CONSULTATION. Call our office TODAY to discuss your options. We’re happy to help you. 760-884-4444