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Student Loan Debt Relief in California

After a quarter-century, we finally have the best option to eliminate student loan debt. It is a policy change, not a statutory change and it may expire if a new administration takes office in 2025. If you need student loan debt relief, you need to address it today before it is too late. Contact J. Doling Law, PC at (844) 894-4440.

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The History of Study Loan Debt Relief

In 1998, Congress passed Higher Education Amendments leaving only one option to relieve student loan debt in bankruptcy and that was through an “undue hardship” standard, a with such a high bar it is nearly unattainable by most student loan borrowers. Later, in 2005, all qualified education loans, including most private loans, were excepted from discharge under the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act.

The student loan debt bomb that is plaguing generations of borrowers, parents, co-signors, and families must be neutralized. The burden of student loan debt keeps millions from getting married, starting a family, buying a family home, or retiring. We can help!

If You Owe Student Loan Debt

We can evaluate your situation for FREE to determine your best options.

  • Do you qualify for forgiveness of all or a portion of your student loan debt?
  • Is the Department of Education seizing your tax refunds?
  • Have you been threated by a collection agency with a wage garnishment, bank levy or social security offset?
  • Have you been sued for student loan debt?
  • Do you qualify for bankruptcy?
  • Can we protect your assets?

Is This Real? I’ve Always Heard Student Loans Will Never Go Away

Yes, this is 100% real. On November 16, 2023, the Department of Justice and Department of Education issued a joint press release to announce a “Successful First Year of New Student-Loan Bankruptcy Discharge Process.”  Of the 632 cases filed in the first 10 months of the new process, the vast majority of borrowers received full or partial discharges.

The Central District of California, the largest federal district in the country, has adopted procedures recognizing the utility of the new process, aimed at further streamlining the procedures debtors must follow to obtain discharges.

Because the new process is working so well, the Justice Department is not making any changes to the guidance at this time. The departments will continue to meet regularly to ensure that the guidance is appropriately implemented and to consider adjustments as warranted.

Subject-matter experts in the Civil Division plan to continue to promote awareness of and provide training on the guidance both within and outside the government. The departments will also continue to conduct outreach to the broader community potentially affected by the process.

Imagine The Improvement in Your Life if the Weight of Your Student Loan Debt Was Gone

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Find The Hope You Need When Dealing With Financial Hardships

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